Karbala province invites French companies to invest in the province and prepare them with support and facilitation


The head of the Karbala provincial council, Naseef al-Khattabi, called Sunday for French companies to invest in the province, pledging support and facilities for the success of its work.
This came during the reception of the local government in Karbala, the French consul of southern Iraq and the Middle Euphrates.
Al-Khattabi said in a statement that Karbala’s economic qualifications qualify it to be an attractive environment for investment, adding that the stability of the security and political situation in it and its religious importance in the presence of religious shrines and the preparation of visitors creates a market and economic movement.
The president of the provincial council noted that the companies that enter to invest in the holy province of Karbala have ensured success, and the local government invites French companies to enter and invest in Karbala and will receive all the support and facilities for the success of their work.
In turn, the French Consul expressed his thanks and appreciation to the local government in Karbala for the hospitality and that “this visit has an important impact of increasing cooperation and coordination with the local government in the province.”

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