Basra Gas Company announces production of 900 MMSCF per day


Basra Gas Company announced that its gas production reached 900 million cubic feet per day during the month of December.
The Basra Gas Company said in a press statement that “the production plan for the last year achieved an unprecedented increase in gas production in December -2017, up to 900 million standard cubic feet per day of gas associated with oil production, which is supplied from three fields in southern Iraq (west Qurna Phase 1 and Zubayr and Rumailah) “.
“I am very proud that we have been able to commit ourselves to our promise to the Iraqi government,” said Daman Williams, General Manager of Basrah Gas Company. “We have reached a milestone in 2017 by achieving exceptional quantities of gas processing, More than 900 million cubic feet per day of crude gas, investigators highest production in the history of Iraq. ”
He added that “apart from many challenges, we have reached this production safely and within the time limit set with the Ministry of Oil, and here should be mentioned the focus and dedication of the staff of the Gas Company Basrah, especially staff working on the front lines In the completion of their tasks with the least time required and ensure the work of compressors and gas installations and maintenance and operation in the most complete and safe way.
“Basrah Gas Company has once again demonstrated its professional capabilities and has succeeded in its commitments with the Iraqi government to develop and transform the country’s resources into useful operational energy – producing gas provides electricity to more than 8 million homes in Iraq,” concluded Simon.
On the other hand, Oil Minister Jabbar al-Luaibi said, “We have achieved a significant increase in the investment of gas associated with the project of the Basrah Gas Company in early January 2018, compared to the same month last year and the productive capacity of this project was 900 million standard cubic feet /Daily”.
“This great achievement has enhanced Iraq’s capabilities at various levels, including exports of LPG and condensate, promoting sustainable development and providing investors with the necessary confidence in petrochemical projects,” he added.

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