Iraqi stock market closed lower


The Iraqi Stock Exchange extended its decline for the second session in a row, with its general index falling by 0.1% and its loss to 0.57 points, closing Thursday’s session at 565.08 points.
And the pressure on the performance of the index, the fall of the shares of 8 companies, led by Baghdad Iraq for public transport by 3.49%, and the production and marketing of meat by 3.23%, Commercial Bank by 2.17%, Islamic Bank by 2.08%, and Mansour hotels by 1.97%.
While shares of 6 companies increased, and kept the shares “Canadian vaccine production” to the top of the high for the third session in a row by 10%, pointing to the stock exchange, today, there are no significant events leading to the rise.
Second place among the highs today, Ashour Hotel by 6.38%, then manufacturing and marketing dates by 4%, Ashur Bank by 3.23%, and modern sewing by 0.88%.
The day’s trading volume and value increased by trading 712.68 million shares at a value of 519.12 million dinars against 473.66 million shares worth KD 385.78 million in the previous session.
Al Hilal Industrial was the most heavily traded issue on the day with 117.54 million shares changing hands, while the manufacturing and marketing of dates traded liquidity with a value exceeding KD 122.76 million.
The number of shares purchased by foreign investors was 4.99 million shares, valued at 12.05 million dinars, through the implementation of 13 transactions on the shares of 6 companies.
While the number of shares sold by foreign investors 7.73 million shares, worth 5.82 million dinars, through the implementation of 7 deals on the shares of 3 companies.

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