Construction of gas supply stations in Najaf has been initiated


The Ministry of Oil and through the coordination between the gas filling company and the company to distribute oil products through the companies in the province of Najaf, the establishment of the outlets to supply cars with liquid gas in the center of the province.
The director of the Najaf Gas Branch Eng. Issa Gataa Hammoud said in a statement that in coordination with the branch of distribution of petroleum products in the province was selected fuel station Al-Quds Al-Ahlia in the neighborhood of Jerusalem to create two liquid gas stations within the station, which is hoped to complete in the coming days to supply cars with liquid gas (LPG) which is economically, technically and environmentally preferable. ”
“The start of the establishment of these ports comes after the addition of a set of liquid gas systems for cars in the province of Najaf and promised to establish gas outlets in other stations soon.
The gas filling company has established several workshops in Baghdad and the provinces to add liquefied gas systems for cars as well as the opening of several outlets for liquid gas at the gas stations and the development continues in this project is vital and important.

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