Russia enters the Iraqi market strongly and invest its first steps


Iraqi government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi said that Russia has an important role in the reconstruction of Iraq and that Russian companies can help in the investment operations in the Iraqi market.
“Russia is an important country in the international community and has an active role in preparing for the restoration of stability in Iraq and supporting the Iraqi government in the reconstruction efforts,” the Russian news agency Sputnik quoted him as saying. “Russian companies can also help in the investment process in the Iraqi market.”
“Russian companies can also take part in the conference of the sponsors of Iraq, which is scheduled to be held in Kuwait on February 12 and 14,” the government spokesman said. “Iraq has discussed the list of participants with Kuwait.
“All Russian companies involved in the energy, transportation, electricity, manufacturing, housing and water resources industries can play an active, important and leading role in this conference,” he continued.
“The donor countries and international organizations will participate in the conference in order to help Iraq,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Khaled al-Jarallah told a press conference on January 9.
He added that “this conference will be held from February 12 to 14 and will be invited to about 70 countries from the members of the international community and the region and countries interested in the Iraqi issue for the purpose of Iraq’s reconstruction and investment.”
“The Iraqi Ministry of Planning is responsible for preparations for the conference,” he said, adding that “I have sent to the Kuwaiti authorities everything related to the vision of Iraq on the reconstruction and stability in the future, and the needs of Iraq in the construction Investment “.
Iraq aims to return to normal life and restore the country’s infrastructure after the devastating war that lasted for many years against the organization calling for the terrorist, while Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi recently announced on December 9 last defeat and final of the militants.
As part of the country’s international support, the World Bank recently increased its financial assistance to Iraq and agreed to provide additional assistance of $ 400 million plus $ 350 million from the emergency development project approved in July 2015.

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