Iraq signs a unified agreement with six Arab countries


Iraq, along with six Arab countries – Jordan, Sudan, Oman, Palestine, Kuwait and Mauritania – signed the unified agreement for the investment of Arab capital in Arab countries.
Iraq participated in the meeting of the Committee of Investment Experts in the Arab States in the Egyptian capital Cairo to prepare the final explanatory memorandum for the unified agreement for the investment of Arab capital in the Arab countries.
The participants discussed a large number of explanatory materials reached over three days, with the participation of Arab investment experts representing the countries of Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Integral to the Convention.
The Meeting adopted five recommendations to be submitted to the Economic and Social Council at its next session No. 101, contributing to the adoption of the Convention, the Explanatory Note and the signature and ratification by the States that have not yet done so, while stressing the need for the same members of the Committee of Experts to participate in the next session For the Council to provide their clarifications regarding the agreements reached and to convene another meeting prior to the Council’s meeting to allow States that have not been able to participate.
Seven countries – Jordan, Oman, Palestine, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine, Oman and Palestine – signed the agreement, which was ratified by six countries: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Palestine, Kuwait and Yemen.

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