The Ministry of Transport, on Saturday, the signing of the air transport agreement between Iraq and Iran, explaining that it was concluded in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.
The ministry said in a statement that “the Minister of Transport Kazem Vajan al-Yamami, signed today, in Tehran, the air transport agreement with the Iranian side,” explaining that “this agreement is the first between the two friendly countries.”
“There are contacts in various fields with Iran, especially in the transport sector and its broad horizons, including air transport, which is today active and active across flights,” she said. “It is complementary to the agreements concluded by Iraq with neighboring countries. Air between the two countries. ”
For his part, the Iranian side expressed “its readiness to overcome the difficulties that stand in the face of Iraqi Airways and support its position in international aviation organizations.”
Iraq and Iran are witnessing a steady movement of air and land transport between the two countries, given the huge volume of trade exchange and the active religious tourism movement between the two countries.


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