Iranian ambassador to Iraq: Iran will help in the reconstruction of Iraq


Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad Iraj Masjedi said on Saturday that Iran’s military cooperation with Iraq was serious and comprehensive, saying Iran would help rebuild Iraq.
“Iran has good relations with the Ministry of Defense, the army, the popular crowd and the police in Iraq,” Masjedi told a news conference in Tehran.
“We have good and unique relations with Iraq in various political, cultural and social fields,” he said.
“We have good relations with the Iraqi parties as well, and our relations with the Kurds are very strong and historic and we are seeking during the current period to establish a relationship between Erbil and Baghdad to ensure the interests of both sides,” he said.
The Iranian ambassador in Baghdad, speaking of the booming trade with Iraq, said that the average trade without oil and gas (between Iran and Baghdad) is about 7 billion dollars, while the total average of the two countries to 12 billion dollars with oil and gas.
He pointed out that Iran is the second economic partner of Iraq after China and then Turkey; in the light of the existence of several agreements between Iran and Iraq in the fields of defense, agriculture and the private sector.
“Our borders are very secure and crowded with trade,” he said. “We have 1450 kilometers of common border, which is the longest and most secure border.”
We have 5 consulates in Arbil, Sulaymaniyah, Najaf, Basra and Karbala, in addition to the embassy in Baghdad. There are no consulates in any country in the world. He stressed that all the borders between the two countries are active today in trade exchange, adding that the level of economic relations between the two countries is good ; Calling for their strengthening.
The Iranian ambassador in Baghdad said that 4,000 Iraqi citizens are currently studying in Iranian schools and universities in a formal manner and that the energies of both countries need to strengthen these bilateral relations.

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