The Iraqi Central Bank allocates 500 billion dinars for residential complexes projects


The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Friday that it allocated 500 billion dinars to the housing complexes, stressing the continuation of financing the loans of other projects.
“As part of the policy of economic stimulus and its contribution to alleviating the housing and unemployment crisis, the Central Bank of Iraq announces the completion of the financing of housing loans and real estate in the amount of one trillion four hundred billion dinars in 2016 and 2017 in the largest A real estate finance program in the history of Iraq. ”
He added that “the continuation of the implementation of this policy, was added to the amount of 500 billion dinars for the year 2018, most of which is allocated to housing projects in light of the requests received by the Central Bank,” pointing out that “these loans have simple administrative loads do not burden the borrowers.”
On the other hand, the Central Bank of Iraq in its statement to continue to “finance the loans of industrial and agricultural projects and small and micro enterprises, which the central bank allocated a total of four trillion and a half dinars,” noting that “these credit facilities are the largest in the history of Iraq.”

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