The Ministry of Planning signed an agreement to implement the private sector development strategy with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
“We are continuing to cooperate with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP),” Deputy Minister of Planning for Technical Affairs Maher Hammad Johan said after signing the agreement in a press release Thursday. “We have an ongoing partnership in many programs. He added that this issue is part of the follow-up of these programs, which we share in the implementation of the strategy of private sector development, pointing out that this is a national strategy is not the strategy of the Ministry of Planning, which was prepared by sectoral bodies and in partnership with international bodies represented by the United Nations and the United Nations Development Program, Approved by the Council of Ministers in 2014. He explained that this strategy has been initiated by the mandate of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers by the Ministry of Planning represented by the sectoral departments of economic policies, financial and private and other departments.
“The strategy was developed in a situation where the country was quite different, but one thought that this sector should play a key role in building the country in development, partnership and economic diversification in general.
He added that today, we are in dire need of the role of the private sector matches the reality of our words, noting that this strategy includes key axes that go to the private sector at a clear pace for the country and the surrounding countries encourage him to engage in real work in general economic development.
He pointed out that the issue is mainly related to the private sector in order to absorb the bulk of the expected unemployment as a result of the cessation of employment opportunities provided by the state to the public sector, so this is an important part because it is reflected in many categories too.
As he graduated annually more than 200 thousand graduates in colleges and institutes, stressing that we must find them a place in the labor market with the need to be partners in development and beneficiaries or winners from every framework of economic development experienced by the country.
He expressed the hope that this partnership or agreement has put our hands on the right path for implementation and that the aim of this agreement is to provide a framework of cooperation to facilitate coordination between the parties and on a general basis in the areas of common interest and accordingly does not include any executive program or financial obligations of the parties , And that the objective of the project for UNDP is to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the private sector development strategy for the Ministry of Planning is to provide funding and technical arrangements for the implementation of the PSDs in Iraq.
For his part, said the country director of the United Nations Development Program in the Middle East, Munir Thabet, “The Convention is a preliminary framework for cooperation between the United Nations Development Program and the Iraqi government on the implementation of the strategy of private sector development, and believes and a comprehensive conviction that there is special importance to the private sector in Iraq B. Job Opportunities The challenge of job creation may be the biggest challenge in post-liberation Iraq.
He pointed out that the great challenge is the economic advancement, which should be a comprehensive rise that includes all citizens, especially young people who unfortunately have not been able to enter the labor sector enough to meet their wishes and ambitions, there must be a role for the private sector. He explained that the development of the private sector and its development is part of the strategy of the Ministry of Planning, stressing its readiness to cooperate with the ministry to implement this strategy. The important role for us is to support the ministry in developing a framework to help the ministry to monitor the implementation of this strategy. This is, in short, the nature of the cooperation that will take place between the Ministry of Planning and the United Nations Development Program.


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