The General Company for Land Transport achieves a significant jump in its financial revenues during 2017


The General Company for Land Transport announced Thursday a significant jump in its total revenue during the last quarter of 2017 and the increase in financial returns.
According to a statement by the Ministry of Transport, the director general of the company Imad al-Asadi said that “the company’s financial revenues during the month of December last was more than five billion dinars, adding that” this jump would not have been achieved without the concerted efforts between the Department and those involved to develop and promote the work ” .
“Compared with the same month of the previous year, we find that there is a big difference in the number of payloads or financial revenue from the company’s other activities,” he said.
Al-Asadi pointed out that “this qualitative leap achieved by the clear vision enjoyed by the management of the company and its relentless efforts to develop its areas of work through many contracts and joint work.”

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