A power station was inaugurated in Dhi Qar at a cost of more than 4 billion


The governor of Dhi Qar Yahya al-Naciri opened on Thursday the power station of Aridu secondary power station worth more than 4 billion and four hundred and fifty million dinars in the contract of the French company Schneider.
“The station will work to reduce the frequent power cuts in the neighborhoods of the martyrs and reduce the bottlenecks on the stations of martyrs and al-Faiha secondary after they enter the work,” Yahya Naciri said in a statement. “The station will stabilize the equipment and absorb any expected increase in loads and for several years.”
He added that “Aridu secondary power station 11/33 K, which consists of 14 feeders 11 K, high technology, was completed within the allocations of the Ministry of Electricity for 2012, which contracted with the French company Schneider.”

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