The private sector wants to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq


The Iraqi Economic Forum on Wednesday held a meeting to unify the visions to involve the private sector in the reconstruction of Iraq and to submit proposals and recommendations to be sent to the Council of Ministers.
The meeting was attended by Chairman of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Jaafar Rasul Al-Hamdani, Chairman of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih Al-Handal, Chairman of the Iraqi National Business Council Daoud Abdul Zaer, President of the Federation of Iraqi Industries Ali Sabih Saadi and Chairman of the National Business Council in Amman, Dr. Majid Al-Saadi.
The head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanadal, expressed his optimism about the meeting, saying, “They are optimistic about unifying the views of the members of the Iraqi Economic Forum, especially as we are coming to a very difficult stage, namely the reconstruction phase of Iraq, specifically providing job opportunities for both sexes. Or 40 percent. ”
He stressed the need to find appropriate solutions by members of the forum to be submitted to the executive to take its solutions or resort to the second option is to deal with the World Bank in a proper manner, which will lead us to safety.
The conference aims to explain all obstacles facing the private sector, while the attendees presented visions and proposals to reach the end of the recommendations will be all sent to the Prime Minister.
For his part, Chairman of the National Business Council, Daoud Abdul Zair, said that “the meeting witnessed the presence of all formations of the private sector for the purpose of developing a vision entrusted by the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to improve the investment climate in Iraq in the coming years.”
He pointed out that “the mandate is intended to involve the private sector in the formulation of economic policy provides an environment that attracts Iraqi investors and foreigners with the availability of privacy for Iraqi investors and foreign companies.”
“The meeting ended with recommendations on the proposal submitted by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers by the private sector in all its formations, as well as the unification of the private sector with one economic forum whose membership will be by the federations and organizations concerned on the basis of a comprehensive framework and quarterly meetings Months for all his representatives. ”
“This meeting is a continuation of meetings held last year to unify the words of Iraqi businessmen and the Iraqi private sector in one organization that speaks on their behalf and represents the aspirations of the Iraqi private sector,” said Majid al-Saadi, chairman of the National Business Council in Amman.
“The country will face a major economic war in the time of budget deficit and the inability of oil revenues to cover the operational budget needs of the state,” he said.

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