The Ministry of Oil announced on Wednesday the development of a plan for the rehabilitation of oil installations in Kirkuk, to sustain and increase production from the fields and the resumption of oil exports.
“The ministry has developed ambitious plans to rehabilitate oil installations, develop infrastructure and rehabilitate reservoirs, pumping stations and oil pipelines transporting crude oil and oil derivatives,” said the ministry’s deputy minister for extraction, Karim Hattab.
Hattab added that “the ministry is keen to rehabilitate and develop facilities and oil fields in the province of Kirkuk in order to sustain and increase production from the fields of Kirkuk and the resumption of exports, and the ministry has made a significant step in the rehabilitation of oil facilities in Kirkuk.”
Hattab said that “the Minister of Oil instructed to harness all the possibilities available to support oil projects in the province of Kirkuk and the formation of follow-up teams and supervision by agents and officials of other oil companies to visit the province for the purpose of coexistence and daily follow-up of the ongoing rehabilitation and development processes in oil fields and facilities and refineries and pipelines and distribution and others “He said.
The Iraqi Oil Ministry announced in January 2013 a preliminary agreement with BP to develop the Kirkuk oil field.


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