Baghdad Investment Authority reveals the existence of 200 projects under way


Baghdad Investment Authority revealed on Wednesday the existence of more than 200 investment projects in the capital under completion and in various sectors. He also confirmed the laying of the foundation stone for a special housing complex for the Ministry of Oil employees.
“The investment movement in the country has witnessed a remarkable development and progress in the implementation and completion of projects,” Shaker al-Zamili said in a press statement, revealing the presence of more than 200 investment projects under implementation along with 250 projects under the procedures of ratification, contracting and delivery.
Al Zamili added that “these projects include 11 residential complexes in different areas, 15 commercial malls and 21 projects for the development of the squares, in addition to the University of Science and Innovations project with water cities, hotels and hospitals, as well as commercial and administrative buildings and health and recreational clubs. The companies have been awarded to large and experienced investment companies. ”
Al-Zamili said that “the foundation stone for an investment residential project for the benefit of the employees of the Ministry of Oil was held in the presence of Minister Engineer Jabbar Al-Allaibi.” He explained that “the complex pays tribute to the compound of the oil marketing company with an area of ​​80 thousand square meters and a total cost exceeded 50 billion dinars, In the residential sector by increasing housing units and increasing employment opportunities. ”
“The complex includes the construction of 21 buildings of four types (a, b, c, d) and heights of 4 to 5 floors, while the areas of residential units are 200, 175, 150 and 125 square meters, and includes buildings, restaurants, a mall, a gas station and a stop For cars, as well as green spaces. “

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