Iraq intends to implement the project of linking the railway with Saudi Arabia and running trains to three countries


The Iraqi State Railways Company, which is part of the Ministry of Transport, announced on Tuesday the identification of coordinates for the implementation of the railway project between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, while confirming the preparation of an expanded plan to resume trains to Turkey, Iran and Syria.
“The coordination committees (Iraqi-Saudi), transport, border ports and ports, headed by Minister of Transport Kazem Al-Yamami, have started to identify the initial route of the project linking a railway line from Samawah station to the border with Saudi Arabia,” said Salam Jabor Saloum, Noting that it “commissioned engineers and surveyors were identified points coordinates and specifications and technical requirements, and they confirmed for their part that the project is executable.”
“The company is preparing to implement the project linking the center of the province of Basra with the Shalamjah area of ​​32 km through investment,” adding that “the Iranian side adopted the preparation of the design and the establishment of a bridge on the Shatt al-Arab.”
He pointed out that “there are several Iranian companies want to invest and there are meetings during the next period in this regard, as well as the identification of the Iraqi railway company, the design and the point of linkage across the Mundhiriyah.”
Salloum noted that “the Department of Studies and Design has prepared the necessary maps for the implementation of the project linking with Turkey on the line (Mosul – Duhok – Zakho), which will pass through the northern provinces,” noting that “these maps were handed to the Turkish side with the designs prepared by a Czech company” .
Salloum pointed out that “there is a current link in the field of international transport from the area of ​​Rabia to the Syrian region of Syria and then to Qamishli and other provinces,” stressing that “there are discussions with the Director General of the Syrian rail and waiting for an improved situation to resume the transfer again, And then to Deir al-Zour. “

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