Iraq expects $ 5 million a month from using its airspace


Iraq’s civil aviation authority on Monday predicted that Iraq would receive more than $ 5 million a month (5.93 billion dinars) from using its airspace.
The Director General of the Aviation Authority, Abbas Omran, said in a statement that it is expected to pass more than 500 aircraft a day in Iraqi airspace, during which will be calculated 375 dollars (444.75 thousand dinars) for the passage of each aircraft, according to (Iraqi News Agency).
Amran pointed out that Iraq out of Chapter VII in the oil-for-food program, and ease the international sanctions against his country, which helped expand the scope of passage of aircraft across Iraqi airspace, and strengthening the resources of the state treasury.
The Iraqi Ministry of Transport earlier, the reception of the country’s airports to more than 10 million passengers in 2017, the number of trips exceeded 100 thousand flights.

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