Basra is preparing to import Iranian gas in the next two months


The Iraqi province of Basra has expressed its readiness to import Iranian gas during the next two months, said Hamid Reza Iraqi, executive director of the National Iranian Gas Company.
“An export terminal in the Shalamjah border area (southwestern Iran) has been equipped and the gas has been pumped into the export pipeline of Ahwaz-Shalamjah. Once the Iraqi side is announced, the export will begin,” Fars quoted an Iraqi source as saying on the gas insurance for the two power stations in Baghdad and Basra. Basra province has a passable pass to reach 25 million cubic meters per day, similar to the contract with Baghdad. ”
He added, “All the infrastructure necessary for the export of Iranian gas has been prepared and ready to be supplied with Iraqi land from the Shalamjah area, but the departure is hindered by the incomplete infrastructure in Basra.”
“The delay in the construction operations in Basra is due to the need to conduct spending under the rivers and that these operations difficult in nature, but according to the announcement of Iraqi officials will be completed operations in the next two months.”
Under the contract, Iran will supply Iraq with 7 to 35 million cubic meters per day. The pass-through quantity will vary depending on the size of the Iranian domestic consumption and demand for the Baghdad and Basra stations.

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