The first week of 2018 records the trading of one billion shares of 42 companies


The index of the Iraqi market for securities, on Sunday, traded more than one billion shares with the participation of 42 companies, in the first week of 2018.
“The Iraqi market for securities organized during the week ending on the fourth of January, the first week of this year, three trading sessions in the regular market and two sessions in the second market where the number of companies listed on the market 101 stock companies , Of which 72 companies listed in the regular market and 29 listed companies in the second market.
Abdul Salam said that “the market traded during the meetings last week 42 companies distributed by 38 companies in the systemic market and 4 companies in the second market, to the number of companies suspended from trading because of their commitment to provide annual and quarterly disclosure of the Authority and the market 22 companies.
“The number of shares traded last week reached 1,386,866,157 shares, while the value of shares traded 1,159,592,429 dinars, and the number of transactions executed 918 transactions, closing the ISX 60 index last session of last week at 572.89 points.”
“The number of shares purchased by non-Iraqi investors last week reached 261 million shares, at a value of 191 million dinars through the implementation of 92 deals on the shares of 7 companies, and the number of shares sold Of non-Iraqi investors last week, reaching 276 million shares valued at 168 million dinars through the implementation of 61 transactions on the shares of 2 companies.
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi market for securities used electronic trading systems and central deposit since 2009 and seeks to launch an online trading system for investors, and organizes five trading sessions weekly from Sunday to Thursday, and included 101 Iraqi shareholding companies representing the sectors of banking, telecommunications, industry, agriculture, insurance, financial investment, tourism and hotels .

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