Cabinet: 150 billion dinars Amount of disbursements to citizens with damaged property


The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced on Sunday that the amount of disbursements to citizens affected their property during the year 2017 amounted to about 150 billion dinars.
In a statement, the Secretariat said that “the total amount spent on citizens affected their property as a result of military operations and military errors and terrorist operations in Baghdad and the provinces since 2 January to 31 December 2017, amounted to 149 billion and 880 million and 453 thousand and 472 dinars.”
The statement added that “most of the funds distributed to the affected covered by the sub-committees in Baghdad and the provinces,” noting that “all funds allocated by the Ministry of Finance of the affected citizens their property shall be in accordance with the decisions issued by the Central Committee to compensate the affected.”
A large number of citizens’ properties have been damaged since 2003 and so far as a result of “terrorist” and military operations.

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