The UAE and Iraq are the most popular importers of Turkish jewelry for 2017


The Turkish and Turkish exporters’ council announced on Saturday that the UAE and Iraq are the most important importers of Turkish jewelry for 2017.
“Turkish exports of jewelry reached 3.3 billion dollars last year, 2017, an increase of 60 percent in the last five years,” the Turkish Anatolia news agency said.
“The UAE topped the list of jewelry importers from Turkey in 2017 billion dollars, followed by Iraq with 652 million dollars, while Hong Kong was third with 162 million dollars.”
“Turkey has the largest production capacity in this sector, in Europe and the Middle East,” the council noted. “Turkey is second only to India in global jewelry production and ninth in export.”
The Board pointed out that “the number of delegations of importing companies has increased steadily in the last three years, as a result of tariff efforts in the jewelry sector, especially through exhibitions and marketing activities.”
Foreign jewelry in the local Iraqi market has attracted a great deal of interest among UAE nationals, especially the UAE and Turkey, which are often more expensive than locally produced jewelry.

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