Railway: 2018 will see a new start with neighboring countries


The Director General of the Iraqi Railway Department, one of the formations of the Ministry of Transport, on Thursday, that the year 2018 will see a new and distinct start of the Iraqi Railway with a number of neighboring countries to serve the movement between Iraq and those countries with regard to passengers and goods.
“At the request of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordinating Committee and the Transport, Border and Ports Committee headed by Minister of Transport Kazem Al-Hamami, we have identified the initial route to link the railway plan from the Samawa railway station to the Saudi border. The commission assigned Iraqi engineers and surveyors, Specifications and requirements and that the project is feasible on the ground. ”
He stressed that “within the investment projects and linking the province of Basra with Shalamjah distance of 32 km and that the Iranian side adopts the theme of design and the construction of the bridge on the Shatt al-Arab and there are several Iranian companies willing to invest and there are meetings to be held in early 2018 will be adopted the best means of action and implementation in addition to the identification of Iraqi railways Designs and the point of connection across the Mantheria and there are full studies in this regard. ”
As for the rail link with Turkey, Salloum said, “Studies in the railway and designs project connector – Dohuk – Zakho and this passes through Kurdistan and was handed over to the Turkish side of the maps with the designs prepared by a company and there are contacts by the Turkish side in discussing this through a joint meeting to choose Appropriate ways at a meeting in late January. ”
As for Syria, he explained that “there is a current link in the international transport from spring to Syrian Arab and then to Qamashli and to other provinces and this is suspended due to events and we have discussions with the Director General of the Syrian Railways and waiting for improvement of the situation and resume the transfer and as there is a link with Syria through Qaim to Abu Which will depend on the improvement and stability of the security situation in it, which will take precedence in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Mosul – Rabia sector because it serves the people of Nineveh province and the northern provinces in the process of reconstruction and rehabilitation of Nineveh province and then start and expand with neighboring countries to serve the reality of Say the railway with it. “

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