A record Iraqi oil exports were recorded in December


The Ministry of Oil announced Tuesday that the month of December last record the highest rate of exports and oil revenues in 2017.
It said in a statement that exports last month amounted to about 109.6 million barrels, and revenues amounted to 6.4 billion dollars, according to preliminary statistics from the Iraqi oil marketing company “Sumo”.
The spokesman for the ministry Asim Jihad said the figures do not include the fields of Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region.
Jihad pointed out that the daily rate of crude oil exports last month amounted to 3.5 million barrels, and a sale price of 59.286 dollars a barrel.
After a referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan region, which was organized on September 25 and provoked tension between the Kurds and the central Iraqi authorities, Iraqi forces recovered all oil fields in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk and the disputed areas that have been under Kurdish control since 2014 in the chaos that followed the control of the organization Urging parts of the country.

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