Three of the seven bridges in Nineveh have been repaired


Three of the seven bridges in Ninewa have been restored, the newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported Tuesday, citing a loan from the World Bank and the United Nations.
“The battles in Nineveh led to the destruction of 90 percent of the seven bridges in Mosul, some of them completely and partially in part,” the paper quoted Nineveh Roads and Bridges Relations Minister Marwan Abdul Razzaq as saying. “A large part of the infrastructure, especially in the western part of Mosul, Was subjected to almost complete destruction of the battles to expel the remnants of a pro-government that dominated the city in June 2014.
“Some of Mosul’s bridges have only concrete columns coming out of the water, while other bridges have collapsed from the center as a result of its destruction, and some pedestrians descend on its foot before they climb the other side,” the newspaper said, adding that “despite the passage of five months Mosul, millions of people still suffer the two things to cross the river that cuts Mosul from north to south, and its numerous tributaries that branch out in the rest of the province.
In a period of time, the residents were forced to go to Hammam al-‘Alil area, 30 kilometers south, or even further to Qayyara, to be able to conduct a floating bridge set up by the security forces.
“Thanks to a loan from the World Bank and the United Nations, there have been temporary restoration works for two bridges while work is under way to repair 3 more bridges,” the paper said.
“The delegation of Germany arrived in the province to assess the damage and to develop plans for the reconstruction of 7 bridges in the province of Nineveh.”

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