The Ministry of Communications starts the implementation of the e-government project


The Ministry of Communications announced on Tuesday the launch of strategic projects to upgrade the services offered in the field of communications and information technology
“The e-government project has been implemented with the aim of connecting all governmental institutions with optical cable and a single Internet network, providing security and providing services to state institutions and citizens,” a ministry statement said.
The statement pointed out that “the efforts of the engineering and technical staff of the Optical Cable Maintenance Unit of the Communications and Data Network Division at the Karkh Communications Directorate are continuing to extend and connect the optical cable as it started implementing the e-government project for the Secretariat building of the Council of Ministers. The optical path was carried out from the Prime Minister’s Office to the Rashid Hotel In the Green Zone and at a distance of (1000 meters) and work is still continuing to finish all tracks. ”
“The Ministry of Communications has entered into a contract with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to implement the project mentioned in the period of six months.”

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