Iraqi Stock Exchange begins deposit on national bonds


The Iraqi Stock Exchange announced on Tuesday the start of the deposit of the first national bonds issued at the Iraqi Depository Center.
“In reference to the Securities Commission’s approval of the Board of Governors’ decision to list, deposit and trade the shares of the first national bonds and for the purpose of regulating the bond portfolio listed on the back office system of the brokerage company, the stock exchange said in a letter to brokerage companies published on its website. Trading symbol in front of each category. ”
She added that “the category 100 thousand the volume of exports 176.6 billion and the category of 250 thousand, the volume of exports 147.1 billion and the category of 500 thousand 148.2 billion and a million category, the volume of exports 90.4 billion and 5 million, the volume of exports 166.8 billion.”

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