A new director was assigned to the Iraqi Ports Company


The General Company for Ports of Iraq, based in Basra, on Tuesday, that the Ministry of Transport issued an order to assign the assistant director of the company for technical affairs to fill the post of director general of the company successor to the former director.
The Director of Media and Public Relations in the company, Anmar Al-Safi said in an interview that “the Chief Engineer Aziz Hashim Al-Obaidi began as of today, taking the post of Director General of the company successor to the former director Riad Swadi Shamki,” noting that “the change came at the beginning of the new year by order of the Ministry Transport “.
Al-Safi pointed out that “the new director was the assistant director of the company for technical affairs.”
It is noteworthy that the General Company for Ports is one of the oldest government institutions in Iraq, as it was founded in 1919 under the name of (Iraqi Ports Authority), and declared public company in 1997, and currently employs more than ten thousand employees, including many engineers and naval officers, Its administrative structure includes ten administrative and technical departments including the Department of Shipyards and Marine Industries.
The company manages five active commercial ports: Al Maqal, Abu Flus, Khor Al Zubayr and Umm Qasr Al Shamali and South. The company is trying to complete the construction of Al Faw port, which is expected to be one of the largest and most modern commercial ports in the region.

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