Trade exchange between Iraq and Iran is the highest since 2003


The volume of trade between Iraq and Iran in 2017 saw the highest rise since 2003 reaching $ 13 billion, with Iran’s exports to Iraq doubling 17 times over the past decade.
The Iranian trade attaché in Iraq, Mohammad Rezazadeh, said that the trade exchange between the two countries amounts to 13 billion dollars annually, including about 6 billion and 200 million dollars exports of non-Iranian oil products to Iraq.
“Iran’s exports to Iraq have doubled 17 times over the past decade,” Zadeh said during a joint meeting of the Council for Dialogue and Exchange of Opinion with Iran’s economic activists.
He pointed out that “technical and engineering services, cars, foodstuffs and dairy products constituted a significant part of exports,” pointing out “the tourist side and the reception of Iranian cities by Iraqi tourists throughout the year.”

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