There is a ministerial proposal for the purchase of electricity from the owners of civil generators


A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher on Sunday, the ministry submitted a proposal to the owners of generators that have stopped working after the implementation of draft contracts service and collection in its areas of operation.
The teacher said in a statement that “at the invitation of the Ministry of Electricity to the owners of generators in the capital and the provinces of Baghdad, which stopped work after the implementation of service contracts and collection in its work areas met representatives of the ministry with a group of owners of generators in a number of areas of the capital, Partnership with the private sector “.
He added that “the representatives of the ministry conveyed the thanks and appreciation of the advanced owners in the ministry to equip them with electric power to citizens in times of interruptions by the ministry in the past years, present to the present proposal of the Ministry of Electricity to collect generators at specific sites and operation to buy electricity from their owners.
The committee will meet with representatives of the Ministry of Electricity to agree on the implementation of the proposed proposal, as well as the transfer of proposals of owners of generators and operators, as the Ministry of Electricity seeks to support them and ensure permanence Work “.

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