Ministry of Transport: Umm Qasr berths receive 45040 thousand tons of sugar


The Ministry of Transport, on Sunday, the reception of Iraqi ports new vessels loaded with sugar to support the ration card items.
A statement by the Iraqi Ports Department said that “the cooperation of navigation operations and maritime cadres in coordination with the management of the port received the berths of the port of Umm Qasr six ships, where docked in the port of Umm Qasr South ship (STONY STREAM) and carrying 45040 tons of sugar docked on Quay 2”.
The ship “POSEIDON” carries 898 docked containers on berth 5, and the ship “BARGE / SOGAND-3” carries 7,400 tons of clinker docked on pier 7 “and the ship (BARGE / ARTMIS) carrying 6,000 tons clinker docked on platform 8”.
While the port of Umm Qasr North received the ship (BBC BALBOA) carrying 264 loads of various were placed on the pavement 19, and the ship (City of SHANGHAI) and carrying 622 containers were placed on the quay 27 “.

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