Cabinet: The reconstruction program will include all provinces


The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers confirmed that the reconstruction program for the liberated areas will cover all governorates in order to support stability in them to ensure the return of displaced persons.
“The Council of Ministers issued Resolution No. 438 of 2017 by assigning the ministries and governorates concerned to take the necessary executive procedures in relation to the reconstruction and development in the provinces affected by terrorist and war operations, according to the framework document of the plan approved by the Council of Ministers in two previous resolutions “He said.
She pointed out that “this comes for the purpose of obliging those parties to abide by the contents of the plan, which was based on accurate extrapolation of the damage in all provinces affected by the terrorist attacks on the economic facilities, infrastructure and housing, which is not limited to the liberated governorates only.
“However, the government’s efforts, and the continuing directives of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to ensure the return of the displaced, of whom about half (about 2.5 million) remain in the camps or in other areas, Drinking water, electric power, educational services, health services) as well as clearance of mines and explosives that threaten the lives of citizens in many areas, the so-called Stabilization Support Program.
“The directives of the religious authority confirmed this when the government called for the return of displaced persons, the stabilization of their areas and the provision of basic services for them,” she said.
On the other hand, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers indicated that “comprehensive reconstruction in all governorates of Iraq has become a main objective of the directives of Abadi, when he announced that the reconstruction plans are not limited to liberated areas, but extends to all provinces that were directly affected by the terrorist operations that This has resulted in many projects, services and housing, or indirectly as a result of the suspension of many activities and services in different areas due to the preoccupation with securing the requirements of the battle and sustaining its momentum during the years of fighting with the shrinking state resources due to the collapse of oil prices. Qiq great victory.
She explained that “the reconstruction program in Iraq, whether through the international conference to be held in Kuwait, or through the state budget, especially development lending programs, will cover all provinces, and will be the launch of major investment opportunities in 2018 important role in the recovery of the economic situation and absorb unemployment rates “He said.
She added that “the map of investment opportunities prepared by the National Investment Commission included dozens of major projects deployed in all governorates.”
The Cabinet Secretariat assured the people of all provinces that the wheel of construction and development will be launched strongly and that the Prime Minister announced the determination to be in 2018 year of reconstruction and investment based on a plan carefully built in cooperation with the World Bank and other organizations.

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