Basra depends on the success of the national company on the law of oil and gas


The head of the oil and gas committee in the Basra Provincial Council Ali Shaddad Al-Faris, Sunday, remarks on the trend towards the establishment of the National Oil Company, stressing the importance of regulating the relationship between the Center and oil-producing provinces to manage and chart the oil policy and not lose the right of Basra.
“Article 112 of the Iraqi constitution affirms the need to draw up the oil policy between the center and oil-producing provinces,” Al-Faris said in a press statement.
“The establishment of the national oil company and the identification of shares for the Iraqi people is acceptable, but not at the expense of the benefits of Basra, which today produces 3.6 million barrels per day and be the same as other provinces.”
He pointed out that “it is necessary and important to refer to the law of oil and gas, which regulates the relationship between the center and oil provinces.”

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