Railway Company: The Baghdad-Samarra line will be re-operated next week


The General Company of Railways announced that the next week will see the operation of the Baghdad-Samarra railway line and will be operated by the Baghdad-Falluja line.
The Director General of the Iraqi Railway Company, Salam Jabor Saloum said in a press statement that “according to the directives of the Minister of Transport will be next week the operation of the railway line Baghdad – Samarra to serve passengers and goods on this line after the maintenance and rehabilitation of minor damage suffered by Engineers and technicians. ”
“We will note the feasibility of this line and its transport service and the objectives it achieves in transporting passengers and goods,” Salloum said.
“We are working on operating the Baghdad-Falluja line and we have taken a step with the United Nations, which has contracted with a British company to cleanse this sector of mines, which is hoped to be completed in the last third of January,” he said.
He pointed out that “the steps of the company after Fallujah will be towards Ramadi and in the direction of Hit and modern and existing and there are significant damage suffered in particular in the bridges and deepen in the development of an integrated plan of reform to be a finite costs in the process of reconstruction.”
He pointed out that “there is continuing contact with the World Bank and we expect other donors to enter this area to serve the railways in the process of reconstruction and rehabilitation.”

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