Missan Oil Company announces the completion of 40% of the production complex in the field of Halfaya


The Missan Oil Company announced on Thursday the arrival of completion rates of the third processing complex in the field of 200 thousand barrels per day to raise the production rate of the field to 400 thousand barrels per day.
The director general of the Missan Oil Company, Noshi Sajt, said in a statement that “the company reached a rate of completion of the processing complex capacity of 200 thousand barrels per day to produce 400 thousand barrels per day,” pointing out that the project is the largest on the level of oil projects and implemented by the company (CPECC) ) Under the supervision of Petrojina Company, the chief operator of the field and under the supervision of the staff of the Missan Oil Company.
“The project is implemented in two phases, which began in April of this year 2017, and is expected to be completed during the fourth quarter of next year 2018, noting that” the completion rate of this project exceeded 40%, which is higher than the proportion planned within the program Prepared for implementation.
He added that “the project includes the erection of four banks isolated in various capacities for the purpose of isolating crude oil from gas and salts, and the establishment of (4) large reservoirs of crude oil, the capacity of the reservoir 30 thousand cubic meters, as well as the establishment of 12 reservoirs for various uses, Six main oil and gas tankers, maintenance workshops for equipment, power transmission plants and other facilities covering the rest of the production work. ”
China’s Petrojina has been developing the Halafaya field since 2010 in three stages and has completed two phases of development with a capacity of 200,000 barrels per day, while the capacity of the third production complex will be 200,000 barrels per day. ) Four hundred thousand barrels.

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