Ministry of Electricity: Electricity will be exchanged between Iraq and Syria


Electricity Minister Qassem al-Fahdawi announced on Thursday that he had agreed with Syrian Electricity Minister Mohammad Kharbutli to exchange electricity between the Iraqi and Syrian systems at different periods of load.
“There is a surplus of electrical energy in the Iraqi system in the most moderate temperatures (spring and autumn) in Iraq and the decrease in demand for electricity can be transferred to the Syrian system,” the ministry’s spokesman Musab al-Mudar said in a statement.
“In contrast, there is surplus electricity in the Syrian system in the months (winter and summer), the surplus can be transferred to the Iraqi system to meet part of the need in the months of peak load in Iraq.”
The Iraqi electricity minister is visiting the Syrian capital Damascus, where the first agreement was reached on the exchange of electrical energy through the energy transmission lines between the two countries, which will be rehabilitated during the next few months after they were targeted by terrorist gangs.

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