Kirkuk: securing more than two billion dinars for the electricity of Hawija


Kirkuk’s acting governor, Rakan Said al-Jubouri, announced Thursday that he would secure more than 2 billion dinars to extend the power supply line to Hawija province, southwest of the province.
The office said in a statement that “the line 132 kv feeder to spend Hawija had been suspended since 2014 because of the lack of financial allocations from the Ministry of Electricity and the cost of up to two billion and 200 million dinars, which is related to the implementation amounts.”
The statement added that “it was agreed with the organization (undp) on the financing of the project and with the consent of the Ministry of Electricity to ensure the need of liberated areas and restore the light which deprived the affected areas of electricity Yes because of the elements of Wahhabism.”

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