Two local companies were assigned to reconstruct the old city of Mosul


Nineveh Provincial Council Chairman Bashar al-Kiki announced on Wednesday the start of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the markets and houses in the old Mosul early next year, within the United Nations Development Program.
“The United Nations program has commissioned two local companies to implement the project to revive the markets and rehabilitate houses and remove the rubble and the bodies of the victims in the old Mosul by the beginning of 2018,” he said.
He added that “the two companies will take care of cleaning the streets and semi-demolished houses in the market of Mosul and the door of the Serail and the surroundings of the Middle East and Corniche, Ghazi Street and Khalid bin Walid, as well as the rehabilitation of homes to return home.
The head of the Nineveh Council that there are local parties will assist the two companies in this task in addition to the military engineering effort as well as civil defense.

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