The Ministry of Finance decides to stop bonuses and promotions for state employees


The Ministry of Finance authorized ministries and departments not affiliated with the Ministry and the governorates and their councils with all the powers of disbursement during the month of January 2018 by (12/1), and continue to stop the appointments and make allowances and promotions to approve the general budget for 2018.
According to a document issued by the Ministry of Finance, “continue to stop the appointments and contracts in government departments and institutions until the adoption of the budget for 2018 as well as stop the transfer of personnel services between ministries and entities not associated with the Ministry of Formations affiliated to it.”
This guidance comes to the delay of the House of Representatives in the adoption of the state budget for the year 2018.
“The suspension of the transfer of staff services between ministries and non-affiliated bodies or between their affiliated, centrally financed or self-financed divisions or the transfer of services from public companies and self-financed bodies and directorates to centrally funded departments and from 1 to 2018 will be ignored” .
The document “Stop the process of bonuses and promotions for members of your formations and stop the calculation of the duration of political separation and the service of lawyers and service contract and the press service and the jihad service, if any and contained instructions to implement the federal budget for 2017.
She pointed out “the suspension of transfers in the ministries and entities not associated with the Ministry and the provinces and all provincial councils after 25-12-20177 and that transfers are carried out only for the purposes of a restrictive settlement.”

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