The Iraqi Stock Exchange witnessed a big jump in 2017


The Iraqi market for securities increased significantly during the current year in the value and number of shares traded compared to 2016.
“The Iraqi market for securities organized on Monday, 25 December 2017 last trading sessions of securities for 2017 and ended trading with high indicators regarding the number and value of shares traded.
Abdul Salam said that the number of meetings during the year 2017 amounted to (239) trading session in securities at the rate of five sessions per week, while the number of shares traded for the current year (1,215) trillion shares, an increase of (17%) compared with 2016, while the value of shares traded (900) billion dinars, an increase of (74%) compared to 2016.
He added that the number of contracts executed during the current year amounted to (95806), while the number of listed shares (11) trillion shares, the market value was (10,721) trillion dinars, and the number of listed companies (101).

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