The government insists on the implementation of the privatization of electricity throughout Iraq


The meeting of the program of collection of electric power, which was held on Sunday, chaired by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, said that the draft collection is no longer a secondary procedure, while the participants decided to support the program managers in all provinces.
Al-Abbadi’s office said in a press statement that “the latter chaired the meeting on the electric power collection program. The meeting included experts on energy, academics, regulators and state media, and conducted a comprehensive review of the experience of collection, and the diagnosis of some of the shortcomings and weaknesses that emerged in the application and solutions.
He added, “It has been stressed that the draft tax is no longer a secondary measure, but is a necessity to enable the state to conserve energy through rationalization as a national wealth,” noting that “the success of the program enables the state to ensure the best services to society in the field of electricity and all service areas And development related to the provision of electricity.
“In the light of the discussions it is decided to support and encourage those who implement and implement the program in all governorates without exception,” Ebadi said.

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