The land transport company is preparing to conclude strategic contracts with the Saudi side


The General Company for Land Transport is preparing to conclude strategic contracts with the Saudi side, as well as activating its activities based on the transit system or joint operation.
The media advisor to the company of the Ministry of Transport Hamid Hassan said in an interview that the company has prepared an expanded plan to activate its activities in the land transport sector, which contribute to revitalize the reality of work in various areas of cooperation with Saudi Arabia, indicating that the company will take an important role through the Committee of Transport and Border Ports And ports, which is a party to the Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Committee, as the national carrier of Iraq, which will depend on several mechanisms in the work, including transport by transit or joint operation or forming a joint company with the Saudi side to regulate the movement of transport between the two countries.
He added that “early next year will witness the conclusion of important strategic contracts after the opening of the transport sector with the Saudi side, which in turn provides loads of quality in terms of size and number, which calls for a broad partnership with the private sector to reach 50 percent to take its real role in supporting the government sectors, Pointing out that “the company prepared a full operational plan for the next year and put through alternative solutions to the problems facing its work.”
Hassan explained that “the company operates self-financing system, in addition to the continuous need to maintain their trucks and maintenance and pay the salaries of employees through the window of transport operations carried out by the trucks of the company and the return of money through the gates and windows of work with the private sector,” noting that “The management of the company is striving to collect the funds incurred by the ministries and departments of the State to support its work program.”
The media consultant pointed out that in order to improve the work of the company’s fleet and find the best ways to reduce the burden on its truck drivers, it was agreed with the General Ports Company to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that hinder the advancement and development of the work by facilitating the process of entry trucks land transport to the port smoothly and remove all obstacles, That “Iraq enjoys an important geographical and strategic position make it a privileged position among different countries.”

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