The production capacity of the Nasiriyah field will be raised to 200,000 bpd


Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi announced the development of the field of Nasiriyah oil in the province of Dhi Qar national effort, through the implementation of a development program to increase production capacity to 200 thousand barrels per day.
The Minister of Oil during a meeting of the production authority, according to a statement of the ministry, said on Saturday that “the ministry decided to proceed with the development of the field of Nasiriyah oil national effort and not to wait and stop until the contract with a global investment company,” stressing the “ability and efficiency of workers in the company Dhi Qar oil and national companies To implement the tasks and duties entrusted to them and work to reduce the cost of production.
Al-Allaibi said that “the ministry ridiculed all the possibilities available to the Dhi Qar oil company from the support and technical effort and national engineering to achieve the goals and plans to reach the production of this field to more than 200 thousand barrels per day over the next few years through the implementation of projects to increase capacity by adding 100 Thousand barrels per day new to the current capacity of about 90 thousand barrels per day. ”
For his part, spokesman for the ministry Assem Jihad said that the development plans include the optimal investment of gas associated with oil operations through the erection and construction of gas treatment complexes by investing 50 million standard cubic feet per day as the first stage can be increased, will supply power plants with fuel and the availability of large quantities of Liquid gas and condensate “.
“Jihad said that” the Iraqi Drilling Company will perform the drilling of wells in accordance with the plans drawn for development in order to increase and sustain production of this field, which represents one of the tributaries of national oil production in southern Iraq, as well as the ability and potential of other oil companies to provide the technical and engineering support needed by the oil company Dhi Qar , As an oil projects company, pipeline company, engineering equipment, Basra Oil Company and others. “

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