The Investment Authority is preparing 40 projects within the “reconstruction of Iraq” and the World Bank rejects 35 of them


A source in the Investment Authority, on Thursday, the preparation of 40 investment opportunities huge in Baghdad and the provinces will be presented by the Commission during the International Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq, while the World Bank rejected 35 projects of those projects.
The source said that “the Chairman of the Investment Authority Sami Araji, has prepared 40 projects to be submitted to the major investors and international companies that will participate in the International Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq to be held in February in Kuwait, the most prominent of which is the Baghdad Metro project, petrochemical plants in Diwaniyah and Diyala, and railway projects Between Baghdad and Basra, Basra and Kut Diyala. ”
He added that “the World Bank after the study of projects objected to 35 projects, as inter-ministerial projects can not invest in them unless the government disassociated from the ministries, and facilitate the granting to investors without bureaucracy and administrative reviews.”
He pointed out that “the World Bank is afraid of the phenomenon of extortion of investors, as happened in the years 2010 to 2013,” stressing that “the Council of Ministers facilitate the disengagement before the International Conference.”

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