Diyala Resource Directorate announces the rescue of the “Sabtia” oldest agricultural basin in Baquba


The Directorate of Water Resources in the province of Diyala, on Thursday, the completion of a project to install agricultural pumps to save the agricultural basin of destruction northeast of Baquba.
Diyala Resources Director Muhannad al-Mamouri said in a press interview that his department completed the installation of the Sabtiyah pumping station (10 km north-east of Baquba), which is a half-meter pump and a 700-meter-long pipe with a splitting basin to distribute water to agricultural tables.
“The plant will provide water for more than 500 dunums of the Sabbatian orchards, which represent the oldest agricultural basin in Baquba and produce various fruits and dates for more than a century,” he said.
The Director of Water Resources in Diyala that “the project comes within the strategy of the Ministry in the rehabilitation of agricultural ponds and water supply irrigation after it was severely damaged in the seasons of drought that followed 2003.”
The Sabbatian is one of the oldest agricultural basins in Baquba. It is famous for the cultivation of fruits, including oranges, as well as dates.

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