A Japanese company has been contracted to rehabilitate a unit at Al Haritha Electric Station in Basra


The Directorate of Electric Power Production in the Southern Region announced on Thursday that it had signed a contract with a Japanese company for the implementation of a project financed by the Japanese loan to rehabilitate the first generating unit at the Haritha power plant.
“The Directorate signed a contract with (Mitsubishi) Japanese to implement the project of rehabilitation of the first obstetric unit at the thermal station in the province of Basra,” Director General of the Directorate Tahseen al-Saad said in a press interview.
Al-Saad said that “the first unit suffers from problems because of its foot and damaged parts of them during the previous wars, the current capacity is between 100 to 125 MW, and when the completion of the project will return to work at full capacity of design of 200 MW.”
He pointed out that “the project to rehabilitate the unit funded by the Japanese loan to Iraq,” adding that “the project is scheduled to be completed after 30 months.”
It is noteworthy that the thermal Hartha plant has a current capacity of 320 MW, and consists of four generating units, including two units have been disabled since 1991 because of the exposure of the plant bombed during the second Gulf War, and three months ago completed the Japanese company Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi) Fourth at the same station.

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