Banking expert: Islamic banks will participate in the reconstruction of Iraq


The banking expert Abdul Hussein al-Mundhari, on Wednesday, that the Islamic banks in Iraq represent a new weight on the banking arena and that it will contribute to the construction of Iraq.
The volume of Islamic banking in Iraq about 4.4 trillion dinars, through the presence of 24 Islamic banks operating in the country.
Al-Manzari said in a press statement that the Islamic banks have become clear in the banking arena and have been able to achieve good results benefiting from the law of private banks No. 43 of the year 2015.
He pointed out that Islamic banks have a valuable opportunity to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq, especially after the disappearance of security risks that hinder the work of banks.
He called on the banking sector to develop strategic plans, including media plans to be able to withdraw liquidity and pump it into investment projects.

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