Iraq’s membership in the International Transparency Initiative for Extractive Industries was suspended because of Kurdistan


The Secretary-General of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Alaa Mohiuddin, on Tuesday, the fact of the abolition of Iraq’s membership of the initiative of transparency of the international extractive industries, stressing that the suspension of membership until the issuance of a report and why the Kurdistan region.
Mohiuddin said that there are new measures followed by the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative to reassess the three-year-old member states of the initiative. They have praised Iraq and praised the publication of reports, accuracy of information and disclosure.
He pointed out that the origin of the initiative is based on the disclosure of the government on the amounts absorbed by the global extractive companies and companies also disclose the amounts paid to the government and the scrutiny between the two figures by a global company and issued a report, noting that over seven years was convergence of figures exists and this is a major achievement and evidence On transparency in Iraq.
“The government has formed a working team headed by Deputy Minister for Extraction, Karim Hattab, and members of representatives and directors-general of all the ministries,” he said. The Office of the Prime Minister and the Office of the House of Representatives was agreed to issue a new report in the next 12 months.
He added that the Kurdistan region caused the suspension of membership because it does not disclose the figures and all previous reports devoid of any information concerning the region and this was considered a defect in the report because it must include all of Iraq, “adding that” the second problem related to the media as the ministries concerned did not succeed in publishing the achievements that To be achieved in the area of ​​Transparency Initiative and reports issued by ministries not to demonstrate their commitment. “

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