The Ministry of Transport approves the transfer of Mansuriyah airport in Diyala as an investment opportunity


The Secretary of the Diyala Council Khader al-Obeidi, on Monday, the approval of the Ministry of Transport to transfer the project of Mansuriya airport east of the province as an investment opportunity.
“The civil aviation authority of the Ministry of Transport and after extensive study of the project of Mansuriya Airport, 50 km east of Baquba, officially agreed to transfer it as an investment opportunity in partnership with the private sector,” he said in an interview.
He added that “the airport, which is more than 7 thousand meters and was allocated for military uses before 2003 is characterized by the existence of important infrastructure, including runways in addition to the strategic location near the gas fields in the Mansuriya basin, as well as the passage of roads near the central hub makes it a distinctive airport Supportive of the local economy “.
Al-Obeidi said that “the Ministry of Transport will announce the Mansuriya airport as an investment opportunity within weeks,” pointing out that “the security stability in the Mansuriya area helped the approval of the Ministry to refer the project to investment.”
Mansuriya airport is one of the largest military airports east of Diyala and is located in a very strategic area.

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