The Chairman of the Contractors’ Union calls for the inclusion of corporate dues within the 2018 budget


The Iraqi Contractors Union, Ali Sanafi, on Sunday, the government to include the entitlements of funds and documents and all rights to companies and contractors, within the terms and articles and paragraphs of the state budget for 2018.
Al-Sanafi said in a press statement that “the federal government and the ministries of planning, finance, housing, reconstruction, municipalities and all institutions and state departments to pressure the inclusion of the amounts owed by companies and contractors, has not paid since 2014 and so far, because of the exceptional circumstances faced by the country in the war against terrorism and extremism and retreat State imports due to the sharp drop in oil prices. ”
He added that “Iraqi contractors and companies supported the state in bearing the crisis and paid for its dues and gave up some of them in support of the government and in response to the sacrifices made by the security forces,” but at the same time bore many difficulties due to commitments by contractors projects implemented by state ministries and led to bankruptcy and embarrassments And exposure to legal claims and tribal and even social and paid the rights of workers and machinery and all wages of private funds and reached to sell what they own.
The President of the Federation, that “the state budget for 2018 draft version of the current free of payment of dues of contractors accumulated 4 years ago, and also there are no projects for reconstruction except for the infrastructure of the liberated provinces of terrorism, and urgent services to limited provinces.
He called on the government to “send the amendment to the House of Representatives and the parliamentary economic, financial and legal committees to include the amendments, to ensure payment of the benefits of contractors and their rights, so that they can pay their debts and end the problems they are exposed to.

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