The Minister of Oil orders the establishment of an integrated pipeline system to transport oil derivatives throughout the country


The Minister of Oil stressed the need to speed up the establishment of an integrated system for pipelines to transport oil derivatives throughout the country to achieve a high flow in the process of pumping and transportation of these products in order to meet the needs of all Iraqi provinces and cities, and this saves time and effort.
Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi said during his chairmanship of the ministry’s operations chamber that he had earlier set up a high-level committee under the chairmanship of the deputy minister for extraction in order to develop an integrated study of this project linking the provinces and cities of Iraq in the north, center and south with an integrated system of transmission lines of oil derivatives. This Committee shall submit recommendations and proposals at the end of the current month in order to expedite and direct the development of the appropriate road map for the implementation of this vital strategic project through investment or other.
He added that Iraq is in dire need of an integrated pipeline system for the transfer of oil derivatives, as well as the existence of tanks and pumping stations in the main cities covering the needs of the country instead of tanker operations, which constitute an additional financial burden as well as the risks and other problems that cause, The repeated sabotage operations that hit the infrastructure of the crude oil transport networks, oil export pipelines, a number of pipelines transporting oil products by the terrorist gangs, as well as the aging of the pipelines have greatly affected the ministry’s activities in this field. Fatti has contributed to reducing the damage and work to restore what has been sabotaged by terrorist gangs and that the ministry is continuing to promote infrastructure and develop the oil industry.
The Minister of Oil: The ministry is in the process of establishing a number of pipelines linking crude oil and oil derivatives to the border with neighboring countries.

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